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Our History
Founded in 1994, TRUE SHINE is one of the world's leading manufacturers of stone and concrete grinding and polishing materials.As a technology-driven company, research and development has always been a core element of TRUE SHINE. With years of experience and a strong spirit of innovation, the company has built many excellent products and become one of the world's leading abrasives manufacturers.
Our Product
The TRUE SHINE brand is divided into stone and concrete components. We provide customized diamond tools and grinding solutions that impress our clients with their excellent performance and quality.
Product Application
TRUE SHINE offers a wide range of products for the grinding and polishing of natural and man-made stones, ceramics, glass materials, grates and concrete, tailored to the most demanding customer needs.
Our Certificate
Production Market
Our products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and some Asian countries, among which North America and South America and Europe are our main sales markets.
Our Service
Patiently explain the product performance for customers, guide customers to buy satisfactory products, first-class after-sales service, products with quality problems can be returned or replaced products.Sink Polishing Pads

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