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Product description
1) Juice filling machine is designed by advanced technology that scientific reasonable.It is nice appearance,complete functions,easy to operate and maintenance,high automatic.It is the best choice for heating filling products manufacturers.
2)Designed by the structure of suspension type getting stuck the bottleneck and conveying,filling valve lift technology to meet the requirement of heat filling within 95鈩?
3)There is constant temperature circulation system,self temperature control and liquid reflux
4)The machine parts of direct control with liquid like inlet valve used stainless steel SUS316 material.The main motor,reducer,bearings,sealing elements,electrical apparatus elements and pneumatic elements are all imported from well known manufacturers of the world.
Technical parameter : juice filling machine
Capacity(for 500ml)3000BPH4000BPH8000BPH10000BPH16000BPH
Suitable bottle shapesPET circular
Bottle diameter(mm)Dia50-Dia115mm
Bottle height (mm)160-320mm
Filling typeHot filling
Rinsing water pressure>0.06Mpa

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