Flap disc speed test machine
This equipment is designed for speed testing of abrasive flap discs and optional for mounted flap wheels.
- Max. Rotation speed: 30.000 rpm
- Max. disc diameter: 180 mm
- collet sizes for mounted wheels: 3-8 mm (optional)
- industrial PC control allows connection to your network
- Interface to ERP-system (optional)
- Printer for test reports (optional)
Main features:
1, can adapt to any operating standards at home and abroad related to the curve.
2, automatic operations function.
3, double speed preset function.
4, normal rotation and super-turn function.
5, set the speed display, time display, broken speed display and automatically into the braking function.
6, with mechanical and electrical double lock protection and over-voltage, over-current, current limiting, overload and short circuit protection.
7, automatic acceleration and deceleration, automatic delay time can be adjusted.
8, running status display and buzzer alarm function.
9, relay no-load conversion function.
10, with automatic tracking print recorder, can automatically track all the parameters in the print record rotation process.
11, the combination of versatility design, interchangeability, and thus change the specifications or upgrade is very convenient, so that a multi-purpose machine.
12, operation and maintenance is very simple.China Flap Disc Auxiliary Machine

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