1. The machine set pressure oil line protection devices to ensure that all parts of the machine running the full lubrication. Set air way pressure protection device, overload protection of the machine, improve mold life.
2. Make sure the machine can be tested in convenience, then, for the security of the staff, building safety protection door and teaching the operators to carry out standard operation are also of great importance.
ShineTop 4 station series:
Forging station 5
Size of product 1/4(m6) to 1-1/4(m30)
鈼廜ur high speed cold header has passed ISO90001 and CE certifications.
鈼廤e pay more attention to the whole producing process to make sure quality of the cold header.
鈼廜ur experienced engineer and technicians adjust the cold header according to the special requirement of customer.
鈼廤e provide instruct Installation and running test.
鈼廝neumatic clamp,it can be adjusted centrality quickly,used simply and stably, and you can free to change the clamp with evaginable(option)
鈼廠pring clamp,precise,simple, and high speed.
Seaworthy export standard packing

Q: What does the high speed cold header produce?
A: It can make parts in different size,such as Allen screws, Flange screws, inside and outside hexagon screws, bolts, hollow, solid special shaped parts.
Q: How does the high speed cold header work?
A: the cold heading process make good use of mould and wire to form at a time under normal temperature,which is operated by mechanical arm. It improves the production efficiency,safe and reliable.
Q: Is it automatic?
A: yes, the high speed cold header is fully automatic, which reduce labor cost.
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