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Product Description
battery pack vacuum cleaners
Introducing a battery-operated HEPA vacuum that can be worn comfortably as a backpack and provides 90 minutes of peak vacuum power before recharging. The model HEPAPro 10BB ours 10-quart recovery capacity and the ultimate in HEPA filtration and clean-air technology. Don鈥檛 be misguided by competitive backpack vacuums claiming to have HEPA filtration. This backpack is a genuine 鈥淗EPA Vacuum鈥?so it has a HEPA filter that is individually tested and certified at a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns.
WarrantyPowerVacuumAir FlowBatteryshipping WeightCapacity
1-year36 V, 600W26KPA70鈥?waterlift, 80 CFM4 lbs.35 lbs.10L
1.7HP Ametek motor with thermal protection H13 HEPA filter
Comfortable shoulder straps
Security card buckle
Powerful performance ,compact and comfortable design, it is applied in airplanes cabin, threaters, hallways, classrooms, hospitals,hotels, buses and rail cars,Worship houses, churchs, fan and vent grate exit et.
Company Information
Antsguard was founded in 2003. It mainly produces floor washing machines, sweepers, carpet cleaning and other cleaning equipment.We are committed to being the guardian of global human environmental health. After more than ten years of continuous efforts and innovation, we have a controllable and perfect system for raw material supply, production, processing and assembly, finished product inspection and packaging inspection, so as to ensure the machine capability of every ant guard Meet customer needs,durable!We also provide OEM, ODM, welcome more partners to join our antsguard family!Backpack Vacuum suppliers

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